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caught up with my friend Charlie on gchat today )

Unrelatedly: I've been wanting to post for quite a while about what's going on with me, but I keep putting it off. To keep a short story short, the depression I have struggled with for most of my life is kicking my ass right now. To be quite honest it has been since the summer.

I'm basically okay, in the sense that I will keep on keeping on and am no danger to myself or others, but I owe a lot of people emails and writing and feedback and art and whatever else and I want you to know why it will take me a while to get to that.

I also want to apologize/gloss over any interpersonal weirdness that I'm sending out there. I'm a little erratic with the social end of things right now. I also have like zero perspective on what is actually inappropriate and what is just me being hyper-analytical/socially anxious, so. This might be unnecessary, I don't even know.
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Well, I'm back from Philadelphia as of Tuesday, and it was definitely worthwhile if completely not what I signed up for.

Here is what I planned to do with my vacation:

1. Visit my oldest friend and have her show me around her adoptive city
2. Party hard in true Franklin+Leroux style
3. Attend Flyers/Bruins game to firstly watch some of my favourite players and secondly
4. Watch my girlfriend team exact vengeance on Hockey Evil
5. Do a little shopping

Instead here is what actually happened:

1. My friend took medical leave and went home to Edmonton to deal with her mental health leaving me to stay in her place by myself
2. My own mental health situation did not stay in Halifax as I for whatever reason expected it to and instead followed me to America where it made fun times very difficult (though not impossible)
3. My two favourite players on the Flyers were out with concussions during the time I was in town, and my very favourite player of all time was announced to be sidelined for the entire season and the playoffs with no timeline for return, and also he's 37 and had eight surgeries last season and may never play again, in which case I will have missed seeing my favourite player in person by a matter of weeks and this will haunt me for the rest of my life
4. The hockey game, which I went to with a random boy from the internet (and it was actually a really good date and he was super cute and I enjoyed it) was a 6-0 blowout loss for the Flyers and I watched as another player got concussed
5. And I did a little shopping.

I am being a little dramatic; I did have a good time, and I actually think vacationing by myself is something that really works for me, but I've been struggling a lot with my depression in the past few months and it was honestly (and ridiculously) surprising to me that it didn't magically go away when I went on vacation.

Pronger's injury status is genuinely upsetting. I think it hit harder knowing that he was somewhere really nearby as well, and just the timing... the whole thing is just. Bad.

But here are the good things:

1. Philadelphia is really beautiful. I loved the juxtaposion of old and new architecture, the city is very conducive to walking around, and the weather was perfect until the very last day when it rained. I kind of fell in love with the University of Pennsylvania's campus. I might actually look into doing an exchange there. It's that lovely. And the gigantic post office by the river, and city hall, and the weird neo-gothic church next to the Mütter Museum, and hell, the Liberty Bell. And being a Flyers fan and walking down Broad Street was just cool.

2. Having that five and a half days to myself was definitely something I needed, even if I wasn't healthy enough to enjoy it as much as I wish I could have.

3. I really, really love going to hockey games. I definitely need to go to some Mooseheads games in the next few months. Very little makes me happier than drinking beer in a rink. And while I resent the loss on principle and it was hard to relive on HBO 24/7, I actually had a really good time at the game. My date was so cute. He's a goalie and he's studying sports management and he bought me drinks and brought a signed Roenick jersey for me to wear and was so cute. We chirped our own team ("Oh look, the Flyers finally win a face-off and Bourdon doesn't know what to do with it") and the Doomsday Crier sitting next to me ("Is only game! Why you heff to be mad?") and I got to rant my face right off about how much I hate Stéphane Auger while my date was like, "O__O." But he is the WORST REF and I HATE HIM.

4. The Mütter Museum was really cool. I love skulls and skeletons and specimens and medical history so it was just super super interesting. Coolest was seeing the skeleton of a person with gigantism next to that of a person with normal growth and a person with achondroplasia dwarfism. Also, fetus skeletons at various stages of development all arranged in standing poses. And the skeleton of a Victorian woman with a compressed ribcage due to corset-wearing. &skeletons; I would love for my skeleton to be displayed.

5. I bought some good stuff! A couple pair of fingerless gloves, some tights, a nice scarf, and a pair of bright orange oxford brogues. AMERICA WHY IS YOUR STUFF SO CHEAP.

I also visited some art galleries and historical sites and Starbuckes (it is how I do) and listened to Canucks and Oilers games on the radio and got hit on a lot. I thought Haligonians were forward compared to Vancouverites, but hoo boy. They have nothing on Philadelphians.

And I touched a Calder stabile! Calder is one of my art heroes, so putting my hands on his work was cool (it's steel public sculpture, touching is allowed).

So, yes. Vacation goes in the win column, but it was a hard win.
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So, I fly to Philadelphia in a little over thirteen hours! I'm super excited, but a little anxious. I'm staying in my friend's sorority house (!) without her there, but with two of her sorority sisters - one of whom I have been warned away from - so that should be interesting. I'm basically there for five whole days, with the Flyers/Bruins game on Saturday.

The game is gonna be good. I mean, obviously. But aside from the teams, the occasion will be a little odd. I gave my extra ticket away online for free on the condition that whoever got the ticket had to buy me beer and hang out with me, and one of the people who responded is a guy my age who actually seems pretty fun. So now I have a random internet date, haha. (He's picking me up! And he's going to lend me one of his Flyers sweaters! I FEEL LIKE A CORSAGE SHOULD BE INVOLVED, IT'S PRETTY MUCH THE CUTEST.)

I'm not really sure what else to check out in Philly. I've gotten a few suggestions here and there (thank you!), but my itinerary is basically "Saturday: Hockey! Some other time: Liberty bell!!" We will see! Might have to get in some shopping what with how America is full of cheap stuff and I am a sucker for a deal.

Also, if by the end of the trip Christopher Robert Pronger has not agreed to be my bride, it will have been a bust.
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Christmas )

If you've made a wishlist, drop me a link in the comments so I can give you stuff! \o/
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So, I made a Luongo picspam, but it kind of got defensive! I just have a lot of feelings, okay. I promise there is the expected squee and delight, it's just prefaced with a short recitation of Luongo's accomplishments to date. :| Um. :|

This way for stats, records, and 19 photos of Roberto Luongo )

David Booth picspam tomorrow (maybe), because he's adorable and also a Canuck now! :D &myteam;
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Oct. 18th, 2011 10:43 pm
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Thin walls aside, my roommate is the best!

"Today at work there was this really cute boy with an adorable Newfie accent and he was exactly your type, and then he started speaking French to his bro friend, and I was like, he is perfect! But then I noticed he was wearing a Bruins t-shirt. I'm very sorry."


"Emma [her seven-year-old cousin] went skating for the first time last week, and she was upset because she fell down a lot, and I think she was expecting to be a lot better at it right away then she was. So Uncle Rob and I told her about Alex Burrows and how he can't really skate even though he plays in the NHL."




Oct. 18th, 2011 09:51 am
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So, yesterday I pulled an all-nighter in the print studio because my apartment walls are so thin that I was able to clearly hear my roommate's boyfriend unbuckling his belt. D: And then there was Breathing. D: But I got a lot of work done, and in perfect quiet, so that was good. And then I got three hours sleep and went to Litho class where I found out that part of the work I'd done was done incorrectly, necessitating Emergency Measures and a fair bit of lithography Angst. OH WELL, IT'S FINE, WHATEVER.

I'm falling a little bit behind in school. I'll be able to catch up, I always do, but the next week will be a bit of a crunch. Which means I'm stressing out about the date I supposedly am going on this week. WHEN. WHEN CAN THIS HAPPEN. I am so busy. ;~; But there is a cute boy! \o/ His name is Jesse, he is a painter, and he already has a somewhat-significant other which hopefully lets me off the hook (she also thinks Jesse and I are hilarious together, which is great). IDK, I am hoping for casual funtimes that don't get too srs bsns and distracting, and the whole situation seems to fit the bill. BUT WHEN. I have the next eight hours to write a five page queer theory paper, and then I have until 5 pm tomorrow to write an art criticism paper, and then I have to actually make some progress in litho and intaglio, and then I work all weekend. So far I am not entirely sure when I will eat or sleep.

blah blah blah hockey stuff blah )

That is all.


Oct. 5th, 2011 06:12 pm
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Now that I have recovered from the Naked Kesler, I will actually post that printmaking work I spoke of.

Would you like to see my etchings? [large images] )
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I was going to post some scans of my recent printmaking work, but instead here's a photo of naked Ryan Kesler )

You're welcome.
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This is the truest true story.
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There are mushrooms growing out of my bathroom wall and fleas growing on my cats. >:( I have bleached the crap out of the mushroomy wall, but can't afford to take the kitties to the vet until Friday. Dammit. >:( Someone remind me why I can't bleach the crap out my fleabag cats. >:(
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I have read all the things, and now there is NOTHING ON THE INTERNET. NOTHING. I knew it was bad when I opened the multi-window view thing in my browser and three of the open windows were howmanydaysuntilhockey.com

ps today is my dad's birthday (45! He is almost a grown-up!) and tomorrow is my brother's wedding (totally not even a little bit of a grown-up!) and PLEASE REMIND ME THAT I AM NOT CLEVER ENOUGH TO MURDER MY ENTIRE FAMILY AND GET AWAY WITH IT




Aug. 16th, 2011 01:18 pm
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So Rick Rypien died and it's unconfirmed but he probably killed himself and I'm pretty upset about it.

Obviously I didn't know the guy, but I pretty thoroughly identified with him in the scrappy-workhorse-who-struggles-with-depression way, and he had a great comeback with the Moose this season and he was going to play for the Jets in a city that loved him, and now he's dead.

I don't even knowhow to articulate my feelings, so here is a video of Ripper fighting a giant.
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I got that job I wanted! \o/ I am so happy there is someone willing to pay me to make lattes and be cheerful! \o/
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1. I GOT A KITTEN. He was one of those free "I am irresponsible and let my cat get knocked up" kittens from the internet, which I feel good about because a) I kept a kitten out of a shelter and b) shelters here won't home pets with students. WHAT EVEN IS THAT. Students are awesome! Pets need homes! WHY IS THAT A THING.

Anyway, he is super cute (he has extra toes in the front! He looks like he is wearing oven mitts!)!! Aaaaand he's blue and white, and also has this tendency to wave his paws in my face when I am trying to read, so I named him Avery. So, uh, hockey friends... don't judge me. If he were mellow and well behaved he'd be called King Henrik, but instead he is an annoying bratface of whom I am irrationally fond, and this was the only option.

Here are some pictures of my precious baby kitty, who is currently whining up a storm in the penalty box kitty crate. KITTEN PHOTOS )

2. Had an interview at a cute indie coffee shop today, so hopefully they will hire me and I won't have to stay with Tim Hortons. Honestly, Tims seems pretty great as a company, and I like nearly all of the people there, but the manager seems a little bit psychotic (her hobbies appear to include watching reality television and sexually harrassing every male customer under the age of 30, as well as being terrifyingly unpredictable in her moods), and it annoys me to have to take out my nose ring and three quarters of my earrings five days a week. Also, every time I make a triple triple (that is THREE TIMES the normal amount of cream and THREE TIMES the normal amount of sugar) my soul dies a little. A triple triple is not even brown. It is off-white. That is not how coffee should be consumed.

Also also, the other day at work I slipped on the freshly mopped floor and did a header into the corner of a garbage can. Theoretically it's funny, but also I fucked up my chin, jaw, and knee, and cried and made horrible keening sounds in front of everyone I work with. >:( Damn you Tim Horton! You were a fine defenceman, but your company hurt my face. >:( 2 minutes for tripping. >:((((((

3. My brother is getting married next Saturday! I am pretty stoked. I love weddings, and my sister-in-law, and I haven't seen my little brother in about a year (saw my elder brother, the one getting married, at Christmas). I'm also excited about bringing my oldest friend as my +1, and being back in Edmonton for long enough that I might actually get to look around and see what's changed since I lived there, which is to say nearly everything. #1 bro lives in a neighbourhood that not only didn't exist seven years ago, but that is four neighbourhoods away from the ones that did. CHANGE IS NOT ALLOWED, HOME TOWN. I want to pick up a new Oilers t-shirt, as well, as my old shirt is nearly just a plain blue t-shirt at this point. Maybe they will have Smytty shirts ♥

4. Speaking of hockey, I signed up for [personal profile] silver_spotted's hockey fic exchange, and the prompt I picked is really awesome, and I totally have an idea for it that I don't think would be like pulling teeth to write, but I am wondering about the etiquette of writing a player who is married in reality as being married in my fic? Fandom consensus appears to be "pretend ladies do not exist", and I have gone that route before, but I would rather not erase the wife for this one as leaving her in works really well with the theme of the exchange, which is 'disreputable hook-ups'. And I'd be writing it as 'I will really enjoy telling my wife about this in great detail later', so hopefully that will alleviate cheating-squick? Basically I think I am decided on going that route, and I just want confirmation that it's not a total dick move?

TL;DR - Things are good, also kitties. KITTIES.
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Hello! I have consistently working internet, now, which is lovely. It's also the monthiversary of me living in Halifax, which is nuts since it's seemed to go so fast. Been ludicrously busy with getting housewares and a job and my school situation sorted.

The housing thing has gone well; my roommate is a close friend from Vancouver, and she moved out here ahead of me to find a place, since she's got family in the area. Our building is a 1920's brownstone that is charmingly dilapidated, and a short walk from downtown, where our school is. Also, the rent to square footage ratio is fantastic. SO BIG. SO CHEAP. My beloved roommate is starting to annoy the crap out of me due to us not having any other friends and so spending a truly stupid amount of time together, but that's all right, we'll be busy enough soon enough.

The work situation is a bit ungood, as I am now Tim Horton's' newest employee, which is something I never aspired to. I have to take out so much jewelry. Also, hairnets. >:( My first day was yesterday and I enjoyed five uninterrupted hours of training videos. I have five more hours of them to look forward to later today. >:( Just need to collect a paycheque while I look for a non-terrible job. I currently have about seven dollars to my name. :/

But back to good things, I am looking for a kitten! KITTENS ARE THE BEST. Haven't got one yet because I am being picky. I specifically want a male long-haired non-ginger tabby. That is too specific. But cats that are not male long-haired non-ginger tabbies are not the right cat, and there is no sense in getting not the right cat when there are so many cats in the world and you can't hug them all.

Also, only fifty days until hockey! But I have no idea how I am going to watch western conference games out here. They are so late (I say while journaling at 3 AM). Off to sleep. Must be awake for training videos. >:(
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Hopped in the shower after my run today, slipped, and jammed my foot under the metal drain plug thing. The good news is I didn't break anything, but the bad news is that I had to get two stitches in my right ring toe because of a goddamn shower accident (it is sharp under there! WHO KNEW?).

And then Boston scored twice and took out MayRay while I was in the car between the hospital and a television, and my hind brain insists that this only happened because I wasn't watching. The hind brain is superstitious without my consent.

Seriously, though, why are all my injuries ridiculous? Other than the epic football-related collarbone smash, every single one of my broken bones is either the result of me doing something moronic or a hazard of having two brothers (who do things that are moronic). This article suggests that it might be because I am secretly a baseball player.

But back to hockey:

Cut for hockey )

...I cut my toe. :(


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