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Hopped in the shower after my run today, slipped, and jammed my foot under the metal drain plug thing. The good news is I didn't break anything, but the bad news is that I had to get two stitches in my right ring toe because of a goddamn shower accident (it is sharp under there! WHO KNEW?).

And then Boston scored twice and took out MayRay while I was in the car between the hospital and a television, and my hind brain insists that this only happened because I wasn't watching. The hind brain is superstitious without my consent.

Seriously, though, why are all my injuries ridiculous? Other than the epic football-related collarbone smash, every single one of my broken bones is either the result of me doing something moronic or a hazard of having two brothers (who do things that are moronic). This article suggests that it might be because I am secretly a baseball player.

But back to hockey:

Brad Marchand kept punching and punching and punching.

And Daniel Sedin stood there and kept taking punch after punch after punch. Did Sedin wonder how many punches it would take for Marchand to get a penalty?

"Maybe after the fifth. But I took six. What can I do?" said Sedin, clearly agitated after being Marchand's punching bag in the third period.

Did Sedin say something to provoke Marchand?

"No, he didn't say anything before. He was just right there ... He didn't say anything, he was just kind of taking it," the Bruins winger said.

Why did Marchand keep punching him then?

"Because I felt like it."

I ♥ hockey. I do not ♥ the fact that the Canucks' reputation is leading to terrible officiating (they dove WAY LESS THAN USUAL, OKAY, and Henrik only flopped ludicrously after that Chara hit because Chara is ludicrously enormous) but I did love this game as much as I can possibly love a game where we lose. And MayRay! D: D: D: If he broke his back that will suck so hard. But but! Recchi's classy stroll to the penalty box! Lapierre's SADDEST GOAL-CELEBRATION EVER. You guys, that was the most solemn fist-bump I have ever witnessed. This is the guy who grins when people punch him in the face. &MAX;

Burrows wasn't that amazing today and he didn't make up for it by being a terribly entertaining brat. I kind of want to put him and Marchand in a room and mash their faces together until they call each other horrible names in French. If there was hairpulling involved I would be okay with that. :3

I am excited for game seven! I would probably be just as excited if we lost 15-0, but we didn't! 5-2 is practically acceptable!

...I cut my toe. :(

Date: 2011-06-14 04:37 pm (UTC)
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Eep! Hope your foot heals quickly.


*laughs* I watched the game with my Canadian flatmate, and every time they cut to Lapierre giving a brave but sad smile the two of us made the sort of noises you'd expect from people watching YouTube clips of kittens and ducklings making friends.


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