Oct. 18th, 2011 09:51 am
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So, yesterday I pulled an all-nighter in the print studio because my apartment walls are so thin that I was able to clearly hear my roommate's boyfriend unbuckling his belt. D: And then there was Breathing. D: But I got a lot of work done, and in perfect quiet, so that was good. And then I got three hours sleep and went to Litho class where I found out that part of the work I'd done was done incorrectly, necessitating Emergency Measures and a fair bit of lithography Angst. OH WELL, IT'S FINE, WHATEVER.

I'm falling a little bit behind in school. I'll be able to catch up, I always do, but the next week will be a bit of a crunch. Which means I'm stressing out about the date I supposedly am going on this week. WHEN. WHEN CAN THIS HAPPEN. I am so busy. ;~; But there is a cute boy! \o/ His name is Jesse, he is a painter, and he already has a somewhat-significant other which hopefully lets me off the hook (she also thinks Jesse and I are hilarious together, which is great). IDK, I am hoping for casual funtimes that don't get too srs bsns and distracting, and the whole situation seems to fit the bill. BUT WHEN. I have the next eight hours to write a five page queer theory paper, and then I have until 5 pm tomorrow to write an art criticism paper, and then I have to actually make some progress in litho and intaglio, and then I work all weekend. So far I am not entirely sure when I will eat or sleep.

Chris Tanev got sent down D': to make room for Kesler in the lineup :D! I bet Henrik is relieved. Kesler probably backseat-Captains all the time and Hank is like "stoppit :|" and Kes is all "but you're losing D:" and Hank is like "YES AND IT'S ALL MY FAULT :'|" and then Daniel goes "KESLER /o\"

Also Tanev will be first on the speed dial when Salo gets mauled by an osprey or whatever.

That is all.
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leroux: Four hockey players from the Vancouver Canucks in a line, staring up in awe or concentration (Default)

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