Aug. 2nd, 2011

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Hello! I have consistently working internet, now, which is lovely. It's also the monthiversary of me living in Halifax, which is nuts since it's seemed to go so fast. Been ludicrously busy with getting housewares and a job and my school situation sorted.

The housing thing has gone well; my roommate is a close friend from Vancouver, and she moved out here ahead of me to find a place, since she's got family in the area. Our building is a 1920's brownstone that is charmingly dilapidated, and a short walk from downtown, where our school is. Also, the rent to square footage ratio is fantastic. SO BIG. SO CHEAP. My beloved roommate is starting to annoy the crap out of me due to us not having any other friends and so spending a truly stupid amount of time together, but that's all right, we'll be busy enough soon enough.

The work situation is a bit ungood, as I am now Tim Horton's' newest employee, which is something I never aspired to. I have to take out so much jewelry. Also, hairnets. >:( My first day was yesterday and I enjoyed five uninterrupted hours of training videos. I have five more hours of them to look forward to later today. >:( Just need to collect a paycheque while I look for a non-terrible job. I currently have about seven dollars to my name. :/

But back to good things, I am looking for a kitten! KITTENS ARE THE BEST. Haven't got one yet because I am being picky. I specifically want a male long-haired non-ginger tabby. That is too specific. But cats that are not male long-haired non-ginger tabbies are not the right cat, and there is no sense in getting not the right cat when there are so many cats in the world and you can't hug them all.

Also, only fifty days until hockey! But I have no idea how I am going to watch western conference games out here. They are so late (I say while journaling at 3 AM). Off to sleep. Must be awake for training videos. >:(


leroux: Four hockey players from the Vancouver Canucks in a line, staring up in awe or concentration (Default)

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