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me: i don't even know what i did
today i mean
i think i spent the entire day on twitter
and listened to some sports talk radio
and ate four popsicles

charles: i ate a muffin
/whole foods

me: SUPA

charles: i know right?
i feel like a rube everytime i ask for one
"can i have the vegan super muffin?"
which one sir?
vegan super muffin
i'm not sure i know which one
the vegan muffin
super muffin
vegan supa muffin

me: ahahahah

charles: happy?

oh man.

charles: it's root free now

me: i've heard bad things about roots

charles: they'll mess you up
you're a chump if you eat roots
root eater
thats what they'll call you
smelly root eater

me: you are delighting me, keep it up

charles: i think i'm a bit over tired
i like exploring the possibilities though
of a root free diet

me: my diet is root free right now by accident
i eat only popsicles and bagels
it is my rebellion

charles: root popsicles

me: sweet potato popsicles are right around the corner

charles: i'm doing that weird nose laugh when you try to stifle laughs in class

me: me too
we shall be united across the distance by our snuffle-chuckle

charles: orange root-sicle, but instead of tasty vanilla ice cream in the centre its turnip
somehow un-frozen though

me: turnips are underrated
actually i just really like roots

charles: everyone is all like, oooh goji berries and i'm like fuck it, it's a turnip

me: awh yeah
when i was a kid we got excited to eat raw turnip with salt
that sounds like an Abe Simpson line but it is actually true

charles: weird
i thought i was the only kid who liked raw turnips
my ma did the same thing

me: i knew there was a reason we're friends

charles: nose shuffle what did you call it?

Unrelatedly: I've been wanting to post for quite a while about what's going on with me, but I keep putting it off. To keep a short story short, the depression I have struggled with for most of my life is kicking my ass right now. To be quite honest it has been since the summer.

I'm basically okay, in the sense that I will keep on keeping on and am no danger to myself or others, but I owe a lot of people emails and writing and feedback and art and whatever else and I want you to know why it will take me a while to get to that.

I also want to apologize/gloss over any interpersonal weirdness that I'm sending out there. I'm a little erratic with the social end of things right now. I also have like zero perspective on what is actually inappropriate and what is just me being hyper-analytical/socially anxious, so. This might be unnecessary, I don't even know.
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