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So, I fly to Philadelphia in a little over thirteen hours! I'm super excited, but a little anxious. I'm staying in my friend's sorority house (!) without her there, but with two of her sorority sisters - one of whom I have been warned away from - so that should be interesting. I'm basically there for five whole days, with the Flyers/Bruins game on Saturday.

The game is gonna be good. I mean, obviously. But aside from the teams, the occasion will be a little odd. I gave my extra ticket away online for free on the condition that whoever got the ticket had to buy me beer and hang out with me, and one of the people who responded is a guy my age who actually seems pretty fun. So now I have a random internet date, haha. (He's picking me up! And he's going to lend me one of his Flyers sweaters! I FEEL LIKE A CORSAGE SHOULD BE INVOLVED, IT'S PRETTY MUCH THE CUTEST.)

I'm not really sure what else to check out in Philly. I've gotten a few suggestions here and there (thank you!), but my itinerary is basically "Saturday: Hockey! Some other time: Liberty bell!!" We will see! Might have to get in some shopping what with how America is full of cheap stuff and I am a sucker for a deal.

Also, if by the end of the trip Christopher Robert Pronger has not agreed to be my bride, it will have been a bust.
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