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So, my local sports team has a thing going and we just had a shitty few games.

This is Roberto! We call him Lu. He is the starting goalie for the Vancouver Canucks, and he is one of the best in the league statistically (probably second best in the league, behind Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins and ahead of Pekka Rinne of the Nashville Predators)!

Despite this he is often considered "mentally fragile" and inconsistent. The fanbase in Vancouver is known for being extremely fickle with their Luongo-love, and the outcome of games frequently rests solely on his shoulders in the court of public opinion.

But his team really loves him!

Especially defender Kevin Bieksa

And winger Alexandre Burrows

And centre Ryan Kesler

And he helped win Canada the gold medal in the Vancouver Olympics, so even Blackhawks love him

Except when they are using him as an armrest.

But Penguins love him, too!

And Devils

He has a really pretty face!

But frequently makes really stupid expressions! To be fair, this was taken last Saturday just after a puck hit him so hard in the chin that his mask popped off. And he still saved the shot.

herp derp

He uses a butterfly goaltending style, which is more likely to result in groin injuries than a stand-up style. I would be willing to help out with that, if he needed massages or whatever. I'm just going to put that out there.

He also has a tendency to flop forward onto the puck, which really annoys armchair coaches when he misses and then can't get up fast enough to stop the rebound. Every time this happens Lu gets skewered by the fans, even though Lu's saved 92% of all shots made on him in his entire NHL career.

And for every one of those 8% that made it in, he made this face.

The last two games in Boston went really badly for the Canucks. But the team will be back in Vancouver on Friday, and we are going to be AWESOME. Because I have willed it so! >:|

So Luongo's face can go back to looking like this.

I feel better now.


leroux: Four hockey players from the Vancouver Canucks in a line, staring up in awe or concentration (Default)

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