Oct. 5th, 2011 06:12 pm
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Now that I have recovered from the Naked Kesler, I will actually post that printmaking work I spoke of.


The assignment was to create three 6"x9" hard ground etchings, and then alter two of them by 30% and 60%. I wanted to work with the state change conceptually, rather than just doing it because I had to, so I chose my three hometowns as my subject matter and tried to alter the Vancouver and Edmonton images in such a way as to give them a sense of being from memory rather than from life (which is actually true: the initial images were sketched from bad cellphone photos and then fleshed out from memory.)

The first state of this print did not include the wheat stalks or the tone in the sky. I tried to go for a twee, cutesy effect in the initial drawing. I wanted it to be sort of heavy-handedly nostalgic.


The one was the hardest to do. The state change comes in most obviously in the open-etched tone at the corners, but I also did a lot of polishing and subtle drypoint scratching to try and get the rainy, gritty vibe that is so much of what I miss about Vancouver. I know the homesickness is bad when I start thinking about putting Twilight on just to revel in that particular shade of Northwest washed out grey.


This took so long. That 'Historic Properties' building is the southwest corner of NSCAD. And the bar that lives underneath it! :D My school is the coolest sometimes. Like when you take a wrong turn on your way to Painting and end up in a tea house. :D :D This image was the one that I didn't alter, though I did end up putting some scratches in it to give it a damaged photo vibe.

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