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So, I made a Luongo picspam, but it kind of got defensive! I just have a lot of feelings, okay. I promise there is the expected squee and delight, it's just prefaced with a short recitation of Luongo's accomplishments to date. :| Um. :|

Roberto Luongo, born 4 April 1979 in Montréal. Drafted fourth overall by the New York Islanders in 1999, at the time making him the highest picked goaltender in NHL history. He's the winningest Florida Panthers goaltender of all time. He holds the Vancouver Canucks franchise record shutout streak, clocking in at 242:36. He also holds the franchise record for single-season shutouts, at nine (2008-09), and goals-against average (2010-11, at 2.11). As of the 2010-11 post-season he's tied with Kirk MacLean for single-year playoff wins and shut-outs, at 15 and 4.

He helped Team Canada to the gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, becoming the starting goalie after Martin Brodeur's 5-3 loss to USA during the final preliminary round.

Following the gold medal game, during which Luongo made 34 saves in an overtime win, the Montréal Gazette published an article entitled, "With golden moment, Luongo erases all doubt." This headline was excessively optimistic.

Despite his gold medal, four shutouts during the 2010-11 playoffs (two of which occurred in the Finals), franchise records, and general being-an-elite-goaltender-ness, many people are under the impression that Roberto Luongo is not a very good goaltender. They are incorrect. Last season he was second overall in goals-against average (2.11) among goaltenders with more than fifty starts, bested only by Tim Thomas (2.00). He was third overall in save percentage (.928) behind Thomas (.938) and Pekka Rinne (.930), and he beat out Rinne in even-strength save percentage, which is perhaps a better metric by which to compare goaltenders.

Is he the best goaltender in the NHL? No, but last year he was at least the third-best goaltender in the NHL. Which makes booing him for a 4-0 loss to the Rangers in October completely ridiculous. Last year he was better than Jonas Hiller, Carey Price, Cam Ward, Henrik Lundqvist, Ilya Bryzgalov, Marc-Andre Fleury, James Reimer, Jonathan Quick, Antti Niemi and Corey Crawford. Was the team in front of him better than the teams in front of those goalies? Yes. But in the Stanley Cup Finals that same team scored eight goals in seven games, while Luongo posted two shutouts.

Aside from being one of the most successful goaltenders of his generation, Roberto Luongo also has a great sense of humour. Last Thursday, while unveiling his new mask, he told reporters it was ”two weeks late, just like my game.” He has always taken the ridiculous criticism thrown at him by the Vancouver sports media and a certain vocal contingent of Canucks fans in stride. But my favourite Luongo story comes from last season; Luongo and Kesler live in the same building in Vancouver, and one day after a practice during which Kesler was being a total brat, Kes came home to find Luongo's gold medal hanging on his doorknob. :D!

To bring this back to the shallow place where I live, I find Lu aesthetically pleasing!

He has a great jawline. :3

I just like his face, okay.

AND HIS BEARD. He can't let his playoff beard grow unchecked because it would take over the universe. It's probably sentient.


He also seems like a genuinely sweet human being.

Here he is with Fin and a tiiiiiiny orca. TINY.

I love the way the team rallies around Lu. They genuinely love him.

This photo is hilarious. The team is all, "WE WON!" and Lu is all, "am ded."

The Derp is strong in this one, but it was taken after Lu took a puck to the chin that popped his mask off, and he still made the save. That was during game two of the Stanley Cup Final, I think?


This has been a picspam, and apparently also a stat-filled rant! ♥

David Booth picspam tomorrow (maybe), because he's adorable and also a Canuck now! :D &myteam;


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