Jan. 23rd, 2011

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So, I guess I have some haps to talk about, but you all know how I like to talk about the haps: I don't! But, here they are:

It is university application season and I am applying to universities! Which also means that I am graduating from college this year, with a diploma in Fine Arts. I'm going to top that off with a BFA in two years, that is the plan, which means I need to go to university. BUT, the universities in this area are either completely horrible for Fine Arts (University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University) or world-renowned and unbearably impressed with themselves (Emily Carr University), and Vancouver is kind of crazy expensive to live in, so I am looking at other cities. Specifically, NSCAD in Halifax! That is my first choice, with the University of Alberta (back home in Edmonton) in second place, and then Emily Carr in third because why not.

I'm pretty nervous about this whole thing, obviously. I have epically good self esteem in most instances but not particularly with my art, so of course I am quite sure that I am not going to get accepted anywhere because I am a talentless hack! I'm also somewhat on the fence about moving to Halifax, which is a small city and about as far east as you can get in North America, and I am such a West Coast person. I haven't been east of Edmonton for longer than a week at a time. And I left Edmonton because it was too small! Halifax is wee tiny. But NSCAD is such a good school, and it's so far away from my parents! SO MUCH SPACE.

UofA is probably the best school for printmaking in North America, and I could minor in design there and do both, which is a bonus, but I would have to live near my dad and that is awful. But I love Edmonton and I could make that work as well. Also, options! They are important when you are nervous about not getting accepted anywhere.

That is basically what my life is about right now. I need to get a job soon because I am out of money, but I also have no time because these schools want photos and essays and resumes and questionnaires and applications and transcripts! Geez!


leroux: Four hockey players from the Vancouver Canucks in a line, staring up in awe or concentration (Default)

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